Top 10 SEO and Inbound Marketing Blogs To Follow

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as a game-changer in the field of digital marketing. It can help improve a business website’s search engine rankings. Now, as an SEO learner looking to make it big in the field must understand the tips and tricks of the trade. 

Effective keywords, proper backlinking et cetera are all important components of the SEO strategy. For a beginner, it is important to draw inspiration from leading Search Engine Optimization blogs. If you are looking for the best SEO blogs to learn from, here is a comprehensive list of the 10 top SEO blogs to follow:


Founded by Brian Dean, Backlinko posts informative blogs for beginners and advanced SEO learners. They publish 1-2 entries every month. They make use of informative case studies. Further, they also feature actionable tactics. It is the perfect learning platform for an amateur SEO expert.


Quicksprout is one of the top digital marketing blogs, aimed at educating beginners. They post extensive listicles on the essential SEO topics. Their how-to guides are informative and helpful in the long-term application for SEO experts. Quicksprout posts regular and immersive content for anybody willing to learn.


SKYFLING Digital is one of the leading digital marketing and SEO agency. Apart from providing SEO strategies to companies, their blog is a goldmine. It is one of the best digital marketing blogs in the industry. They provide insights regarding how to build an end-to-end SEO service with maximum ROI.

Search Engine Journal

Created in 2003, Search Engine Journal covers a wide gamut of SEO topics on their blog. They provide all-important guiding tips for SEO learners. Their blogs also include analysis and industry news.

Neil Patel

If you are looking for extensive Search Engine Optimization Blogs, Neil Patel might be the right solution for you. The blogs here are written in a lucid and interactive language. Hence, it is easy for beginners to grasp key SEO content from this excellent blog.


Hubspot is a popular name among the top SEO blogs. Their content is appropriate to guide both beginners and experienced SEO workers. Their blogs usually attract over 350000 views every day. They provide handy recommendations for maximizing the benefits of your SEO practices.


GSQi is one of the top Search Engine Optimization blogs. They offer in-depth articles on advanced SEO practices. They also provide regular updates on Google algorithm changes related to SEO tactics. This blog is perfect for learners who have learned the basics and are looking to up their game.


Moz is one of the most active and top Digital Marketing blogs. They deal with social media content as well as SEO strategy topics. Their blog has a unique whiteboard feature with an expert deconstructing difficult ideas in small components once a week.

SEO Theory

When looking for the best SEO blogs, it is impossible to miss out on SEO Theory. It was established in 2006 by Michael Martinez. Their blog is appropriate for intermediate and advanced learners. They teach core SEO concepts via their blogs. You can also find error guides on their blogs, telling you what not to do to get successful SEO results.

State of Digital

State of Digital falls among the top SEO blogs. They offer insightful blog posts on various SEO topics. Their posts are extremely conceptual and well-explained. You can also find extensive social media and content creation blog posts on this site.

Thus, an SEO learner has access to numerous excellent Search Engine Optimization blogs today to sharpen their skills. By imbibing good SEO content regularly, one can easily become an SEO expert with laudable strategies to offer.


A Beginners Guide To Backlinks And Everything Related To It

If you are a blogger or have recently started blogging, then, you must have come across the word “backlink”. It is one of the most widely used words in the world of SEO and digital marketing. Thus, you can understand it’s important in On-page SEO as well.

If you are struggling to understand the meaning of “backlink”, this blog is a good place to start. And like Keyword Research, it will also help in getting online success. After understanding the backlinks and how it helps, you will be able to analyze competition and acquire them for your website as well.

A Brief Introduction To Backlink

Backlink is the connection between two websites through a link. A page with lots of backlinks tends to get higher Google Ranking. When one website links with another, the search engine believes the content to be noteworthy. With better ranking in the SERPS, it also helps the website get visibility.

How Backlinks Help You?

The easiest way to think of backlinks is as conversations between two websites.

For example, Tina is an established blogger and she writes a very intriguing article about an event. Since Tina’s blog is already well established and gets better results, in the SERPS, Google is well known for its credibility.

On the other hand, another blogger named Danny, shares his perspective on the same event in his blog and links it to Tina’s post. This creates a backlink to Tina’s blog. Backlinking increases the online authority on Danny’s blog and at the same time Tina’s post also gets traffic from through backlinking.

It creates a win-win situation for both the parties.

Some Terms Related To Backlinks

Here are some important terms you need to know that are related to backlinks so that you can get better results from Google Search Results.

Link Juice: When one webpage links with another website or its home page, the connection passes a “link juice”. This helps in better Google Ranking of the blogs and articles improving the domain authority. As a blogger or website owner, you can use a no-follow tag and stop the passing of link juice.

No-Follow Link: This is usually done when you pass out links to an unreliable website and the webmaster uses the no-follow tag. With the no-follow tag there is also no link juice and so it does not contribute anything to the Google Ranking or on-page SEO.

Do-Follow Link:  This is the exact opposite of a no-follow link and passes the link juice. By default every link is a do-follow link and until done otherwise.

Low-Quality Link: As the name suggests, they are links from spam sites, automated sites, harvested sites and even porn sites. These types of links do more harm to a website than good. Thus, you need to be careful before buying backlinks.

Internal Links: When one link goes from one page to another of the same domain, it is called interlinking.

Backlinks and Organic Ranking

Backlinks help you get better Google Rankings.

If you take a Keyword Research Tool like, SEMRush and go SERP analysis, you will see that most of the pages with high rankings in the search engine have plenty of backlinks. If your content or blog is getting backlinks from other valid sites, then naturally it will start to rank high on the SERPS.  Also, if your content is not getting enough of backlinks, then get proactive and start to build those.

You have already gathered ideas about Keyword Research and how it helps in SEO.  However, that is not all, as a successful website has everything in place and backlink plays an important role.

Here are the top 9 SEO Blog Topics that Can Help Your Business Succeed

Want to improve the brand image of your company? Looking to increase the number of customers for your products and services? Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices can go a long way in promoting your business online. Blogs are one of the most effective tools to achieve good SEO for your brand. Wondering how to get your hands on some excellent SEO blog topics? Read on to know more.

Top 9 SEO Blog Topics to Look for

Make a List Blog Post

These posts are often called “listicles.” With a list blog post, you can provide valuable content to your user. Such posts are crisp and concise. The use of bullet points and an organized structure makes them interesting to read. The use of appropriate SEO keywords throughout the content can help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Go for FAQ Blog Topics

If you are looking for trendy SEO topics, a FAQ blog post is your best bet. Why do you ask? Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs save customers a lot of time. They resolve all queries in one place. You can talk about your business domain. You can elaborate on the questions asked about the brand usually. Keep it informative and interactive.

Opt for Heavily Illustrated Blog Topics

It is a proven fact that audio-visual illustrations can deliver content more effectively. Use that to your advantage as one of your SEO blog topic ideas. You can include the following in your content:

  • Parodies
  • Memes
  • Illustrated comic
  • Infographics

Choose Relevant Viral Content for Your SEO Blog

Nothing can boost your viewer count as much as viral content. They can make excellent trendy SEO blog topics—Curate relevant viral content from the internet and frame a blog post revolving around the idea.

Publish an in-depth Research SEO Blog Post

There is no alternative to good research. One of the best SEO blog topics is to publish the research your company has conducted. It may be about the latest market trends, problem areas about the domain industry, or even the sales performance of your company. Good SEO usage and backlinking can improve the organic traffic on your site.

Help your Customers with a Guide Blog

Want to help your customers make the right decisions when it comes to products related to your company? Make a guidepost for your users. Such topics offer an elaborate tutorial regarding a niche in your industry. It can talk about the services to purchase, how to use them, et cetera. 

Utilize YouTube Videos as SEO Blog Topics

YouTube videos deliver a lot of relevant catchy content in a few minutes. Utilize these in your SEO blog topics. Use your video or content from other bloggers and influencers. Add a lot of backlinks to get more number of views and shares.

Incorporate Statistics in Your Blog Post

One of the more study-driven SEO blog topic ideas makes use of numbers and figures. Publish statistical data about industry practices or your own company. Remember to credit original authors if you are sourcing the data from elsewhere.

Post an Extensive Interview for Your SEO Blog

What better way to connect to your customers than an interactive interview session? You can rope in celebrities, the top-tier staff of your brand, and industry-best professionals. Ask fun questions, make a transcribed interview video, and you are good to go!

Final Takeaway

Thus, there are a lot of interesting SEO blog topics out there for you to use. SKYFLING provides industry-best SEO services. Right from strategizing SEO blog topics to optimizing your digital marketing, they offer a wide range of services at affordable prices.